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International Office

The University of Applied Sciences Erfurt has numerous contacts to universities around the world. These partnerships are cultivated through regular international exchanges. The International Office advises and provides information to students who are interested in gaining experience abroad by studying or doing a work placement in another country. Equally, we are here to support international students who come to study at FH Erfurt.

We coordinate the various international cooperations of the University of Applied Sciences Erfurt, host delegations and support visiting lecturers from abroad and assist professors in organizing international activities.

Head of the International Office

Kevin Rausch

Advice and Services

Having problems deciding what to study? Having trouble with your courses? We're here to advise and support you! Here's an overview of our services.

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Gruppe Studierende unterhalten sich
Gruppe Studierende in der Vorlesung im Hörsaal
Gruppe Studierender
Gruppe Studierender

International Profile

In order to actively influence the process of social and technological transformation and be competitive on the global market, the University of Applied Sciences Erfurt (FHE) must adopt a common international approach. A cross-faculty and cross-departmental internationalization strategy has now been adopted for the first time [in 2022]. It ensures that our many and varied initiatives are pooled across the university, synergies are exploited and the extent of our internationalization is consolidated and sustained. [...] Five fields of action were defined, which categorize the internationalization activities and at the same time leave room for creativity: Mobility (Field of Action 1), Cooperation (Field of Action 2), Intercultural Competences (Field of Action 3), Visibility (Field of Action 4), Central Support for International Activities (Field of Action 5).

- Extract from the Internationalization Strategy

Commissioner for International Affairs

Prof. Dr. Christine Rehklau