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    Representatives at the University of Applied Sciences Erfurt

    The representatives of the University of Applied Sciences Erfurt are responsible for specific issues affecting members of the university.

    They are appointed on the basis of the university's constitution or legal provisions or elected by the members of the university.

    Their tasks range from advisory and support services to submitting proposals and suggestions for measures aimed at changing administrative procedures to the Executive Board of the University of Applied Sciences, as well as exercising supervisory powers.

    Anti-Corruption Officer

    Tino Garbe

    Equal Opportunities Officer Dr. Maike Langenhan-Komus

    Alumni Officer

    Katrin Fischer


    Prof. Dr.-Ing. Martin Weidauer

    Data Protection Officer


    Representative for severely disabled persons

    Doreen Sieb

    Diversity Officer

    Babette Lautenschläger

    Sports Officer

    Erfurter Hochschulsport

    Occupational Safety Specialist

    Sylvia Fehlau-Kählert

    Addiction Counsellor

    Prof. Dr. Bernd Schwandt