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Department of Social Work

Because social issues matter

Even in Germany, social issues such as poverty, unemployment and violence continue to be major concerns. Characteristics such as our (social) origin, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity and many more have an impact on our educational prospects and our ability to contribute to society. Social workers strive to empower and liberate people and to solve, alleviate or prevent social problems. Social justice, human rights and respect for diversity lay the foundation for achieving these goals.

Studying isn't just about sitting in lectures

Theory and practice are inseparably linked in our degree programs. You will learn about academic research and fundamental concepts and theories from the fields of social work and related sciences such as psychology, sociology and pedagogy. Likewise, you will gain and expand on your methodological competence by working on case studies in small group trainings and tutorials, and you will be able to test your skills in the work placement. All of our degree programs have a practical component, which you complete under the supervision of the university.

We're here for you

We want you to do well in your studies, which is why our teaching staff are happy to answer any questions you may have. You will receive prompt feedback on your work so that you can continually review your progress and improve. Studying part-time, flexible timetables and childcare make it possible to adapt your studies to your personal circumstances, even if you are already working or have a family.

The choice is yours

All our students learn the professional and methodological basics. Afterwards, you have the opportunity to choose a specialist area that suits your interests and will prepare you in the best possible way for your chosen field of work. Our consecutive Master's degree programs also offer you the opportunity to specialize in international issues or counselling work.