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Fees and Contributions

In addition to the semester fee, other charges will be incurred during your studies in accordance with the fee schedule of the University of Applied Sciences Erfurt.

The Student Admissions Office is happy to help if you have any questions regarding fees and contributions.

Overview of fees and contributions

  • Please transfer the semester fee within the specified period.

    You will find more details on the re-enrolment website.

  • In Thuringia, long-term tuition fees are charged if the standard period of study is exceeded.

    Students who receive a fee notification of €500 are requested to transfer the long-term tuition fee at the same time as the semester fee for re-enrolment.

    Such a fee notification is only issued once and is then applicable for the remainder of the student's degree course. For information on the wording of the law, payment or suspension of long-term tuition fees, please refer to the information sheet on long-term tuition fees.

  • The initial issue of your thoska student ID card costs 20 euros.

    For duplicate issue, the following charges are incurred:

    • Thoska student ID card 20 euros
    • Duplicates of transcripts or certificates 30 euros