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If you wish to continue studying at the University of Applied Sciences Erfurt and on your current degree program, you need to re-enrol every semester. This also applies if you only have individual examinations left to take (e.g. a colloquium).

PLEASE NOTE! You will not receive information about re-enrolment by post, only by email. Therefore, please make sure you activate your university email account and check your mails on a regular basis.

Re-enrolment deadlines

Winter semester:     01.08. until 31.08.
Summer semester: 01.02. until 28.02. 

Earlier re-enrolment is possible at any time.

Please transfer the semester fee and, if applicable, long-term tuition fees within the given deadline. Your re-enrolment is complete when the semester fee has been credited to the account of the University of Applied Sciences Erfurt. So that we can automatically obtain the bank details, please transfer the money using the following template:

  • Recipient: Fachhochschule Erfurt
  • IBAN: DE96820500003001111297
  • Name of bank: Landesbank Hessen-Thüringen
  • Amount due: 281.30 euros
  • Details of payment:
    • 1st line: your student ID number 20241
    • 2nd line: last name, first name

Student Admissions Office

Office Hours

Tuesdays and Thursdays
09:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
1:00 - 3:00 p.m.

What else you should know about re-enrolment

  • You will not receive a separate receipt of payment. You can check the status of your re-enrolment using your Mein FHEcampus account.

    From there you can download and print out your confirmation of student status, among other things.

    After you have successfully re-enrolled, you can update your thoska+ student ID card at one of the designated validation terminals. 

  • The fee for late payment is €25. Failure to transfer the full amount will result in termination of your enrolment at the end of the semester.

  • The semester fee is calculated as follows:

    85.00    Thuringian Student Services

    73.50    DB Regio ticket for regional railways

    98.40    local public transport

    12.40    Central Thuringia Transport Association VMT

    3.00      "Kulturticket" (culture pass)

    9.00       Student Council                                                   =   € 281.30

    There is a supplementary fee of € 20.00 for the Thoska card (only for new students or if requested).

  • The Kulturticket (culture pass) grants you free admission to events and exhibitions at the following cultural institutions:

    1.) Theater Erfurt
    Free admission to all performances (except for the "Domstufen" festival and guest productions)

    2.) Museums and memorial sites in Erfurt

    • Angermuseum

    • Margaretha-Reichardt-Haus

    • Kunsthalle

    • Kulturhof Krönbacken / Galerie Waidspeicher

    • Schloss Molsdorf

    • Stadtmuseum

    • Wasserburg Kapellendorf

    • Erinnerungsort Topf & Söhne (admission generally free of charge)

    • Begegnungsstätte Kleine Synagoge (admission to the permanent exhibition is generally free of charge)

    • Alte Synagoge

    • Naturkundemuseum

    • Burg Gleichen

    • Museum für Thüringer Volkskunde

  • Generally, you can be exempted from the semester ticket fee if you spend at least 21 weeks outside of Thuringia during the semester (work placement, semester abroad, final semester). This exemption is valid for one semester at a time.

    Please apply directly to Thuringian Student Services for exemption well in advance of paying the semester fee. If you do not receive the required proof in time, first transfer the semester fee proportionately in order to avoid late fees at re-enrolment. In this case, the deadline for re-enrolment will be extended until a decision is made (28.02. or 30.09.). If exemption is not possible, the remaining semester fee will then be due.

    You can find the application for exemption and further information at https://www.stw-thueringen.de/en/student-financing/semester-ticket/.

    You cannot be exempted from the Kulturticket.

  • Currently, students using the Deutschlandticket in conjunction with the semester ticket can pay the difference through EVAG (Erfurt local transport authority) or DB (Deutsche Bahn). You can find information on how to do this on the Student Services website.

    Information from Student Services about the Deutschlandticket / upgrade /  €29 ticket
    Unfortunately there have been new developments regarding this topic. In other federal states, student councils have taken the precaution of cancelling their semester ticket contracts in view of the prospect of a €29 ticket. This is not the case in Thuringia.

    Whether the price of the Deutschlandticket will increase - and if so, to what extent - will probably not be finalized until the Transport Ministers' Conference from 17 April to 18 April 2024 at the earliest. The same applies to the upgrade ticket and the potential introduction of a €29 ticket on a solidarity basis.