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Erfurt - a liveable and loveable city

Erfurt, the capital of the federal state Thuringia, is located in the middle of Germany. Read here what Erfurt has to offer and why it is so good to study and live here.

A city where people have been crossing paths since the Middle Ages

The University of Applied Sciences Erfurt is one of two state universities in the Thuringian state capital of Erfurt. Situated in the "green heart" of Germany and the largest city in Thuringia with 210,000 inhabitants, Erfurt is very attractive for both tourism and business.

Many hundreds of years ago, Erfurt was already an important traffic junction. In the Middle Ages, two important trade routes crossed here: the Via Regia and the Nuremberg Geleitsstrasse, which helped Erfurt to gain importance and wealth. The city which was first documented in 742 still owes its attractiveness and radiance to its historic trade in woad, a plant used to dye fabrics blue.

Escaping the classroom - there's lots to do in Erfurt

In one of Germany's most attractive cities, it's not only an affordable place to study, but there's also plenty of things to do in your free time. Its varied cultural scene offers a wealth of enjoyable distractions for young and old alike. Numerous events, such as the Krämerbrückenfest or the Domstufen-Festspiele in front of Erfurt Cathedral, attract thousands of visitors to the city every year.

In addition to these events, various clubs, discotheques and cultural institutions, but also countless restaurants and cafés offer entertainment for every taste.

Shop, savour and stroll in a historic setting

With an attractive mixture of well-known shopping giants and small shops also offering regional specialities and handicrafts, the state capital has something for everyone. This applies in particular to Erfurt's culinary scene, which features many other delicacies besides the unmissable Thuringian dumplings and bratwurst. Indulge yourself with the rich variety of restaurants with local specialities and foreign cuisine.

And if you decide to take a stroll in the evening, you will still feel the unique vitality of the city even at a late hour. That's when the Erfurt pub scene awakens, inviting tourists, students and residents to party.

Sports or chilling out - the choice is yours!

There's almost no limit to Erfurt's cultural and sporting activities. Its many sports venues offer a wide range of opportunities for competitive and recreational athletes. The Gunda-Niemann-Stirnemann-Halle, for example, is open to the general public for ice-skating, but also hosts national and international skating competitions. Top athletes from all over the world also appreciate the excellent facilities at Erfurt's Olympic training centre - with the ice sports complex, Steigerwald stadium or Andreasried cycling track.

Amateur athletes are also bound to find what they are looking for in the city's numerous sports clubs. Furthermore, Erfurt's many parks are popular places to exercise and relax. Whether surfing on the Erfurt lakes or cycling on the long-distance cycle paths - everyone can be active in Erfurt.