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Department of Early Childhood Education

Focusing on child participation and development

Educational facilities are key spaces in which children can grow and families can receive support. They have an impact on the educational, participation and developmental opportunities of children. Educational professionals are committed to providing high-quality services in family centres, nursery day-care, early intervention units, schools and after-school clubs, child and youth work, and educational support services, and to achieving the mission that is anchored in the educational plans of the federal states.  

The degree programs in Early Childhood Education are designed to qualify our students for the task of fulfilling this mission to the best of their abilities and to provide children and families with appropriate support in their lives.

Why study?

Professional qualifications in early education are becoming increasingly important to the extent that the field of Early Childhood Education has now arrived at higher education institutions. Our practically-oriented degree courses are designed to give you maximum benefit: you will acquire extensive theoretical knowledge and competencies to enable you to work at the cutting edge of research and develop your academic skills.

At the same time, we make sure you gain enough practical experience. By means of various practice sessions ranging from conducting conversations with children to guiding language development and through work placements and projects, you will learn everything you need for your future professional work. Thanks to courses on legal and management issues, you will also be able to develop your own projects and take on management roles.

Continue your professional development - even alongside your job

Do you already have qualifications in education and would like to develop professionally in order to take on leadership tasks, develop your own concepts or gain insight into other fields? In the extra-occupational Bachelor's program Leadership and Management in Early Childhood Education, you have the opportunity to study for an academic degree while continuing to work.

Projects are our forte

In addition to lectures and seminars, your degree course also involves practical activities. In a variety of projects, you will have the chance to apply the knowledge and skills you have acquired and to further develop your own approach. For this purpose, you will use the faculty's own learning laboratory as an experimental space, reflect upon your own work in the study portfolio, carry out practical projects in and with local day-care centres or work together with other students in the interdisciplinary project week.