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Erasmus+ Mobility

University staff can obtain funding for stays abroad through ERASMUS+. These stays must serve the purpose of providing continuing professional development. Applications can generally be submitted at any time. However, approval is subject to sufficient funds being applied for and made available by the EU. Make sure to start preparing your stay abroad as early as possible. The International Office is happy to assist you with the necessary planning and applications.

The length of the stays abroad that can be funded have a minimum and maximum duration. They must last at least two days (for countries in the program) or five days (for partner countries) and at most 60 days.

** If you are interested in international mobility, please consult your line manager, the Human Resources department and the International Office as early as possible. **

Mobility options with ERASMUS+

  • If you are a member of our teaching staff wishing to take up a guest lectureship abroad, you can apply for an ERASMUS+ grant. Funding is available for professors, research assistants, doctoral students involved in teaching, and staff from foreign companies and organizations who are invited to the FHE for teaching purposes. The stay must comprise at least two days and eight working hours.

    You can find all details on the terms and conditions and financial support available on the NA DAAD website.

    You can find a list of our partner universities here

  • Language courses combined with a stay abroad offer you the opportunity to improve your language skills and put them into practice at your chosen destination. It is a prerequisite that the language you intend to learn is spoken in the target country. Since you are dependent on communication in the foreign language, these courses are usually highly successful in terms of language learning and provide added value for you as an employee, both personally and professionally.

    You can find all information on funding and the general terms and conditions here.

  • Job shadowing allows you to spend a fixed period of time with a colleague who works in a similar field at one of our partner universities. This enables you to gain detailed insights into the responsibilities, decision-making processes and networks the colleague is involved in. The aim is to actively share ideas, experience and approaches to work. Job shadowing can be used by members of staff at FHE, but also by colleagues from our partner universities.

    As with all continuing education and training opportunities offered through funding programs, the sooner you start planning, the better!

    You can find all the information you need on funding opportunities and the terms and conditions here.

    Click here for a list of our partner universities.

  • You can also take part in seminars and workshops abroad through the ERASMUS+ staff mobility program as long as they are thematically linked to your work at our university.

    You can find all information on funding and the overall conditions here.

  • Staff training weeks are regularly held at higher education institutions participating in ERASMUS+. They have to be relevant to your personal field of work at FH Erfurt. Please note, the working language is usually English.

    For current listings, visit the official EU homepage.


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