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Student Finance

Going to university costs money. But don't panic, there's plenty of information and support available when it comes to costs and funding. You can find an overview on the next few pages.

Studierende und Taschenrechner

What are "German Scholarships"?

The University of Applied Sciences Erfurt awards Deutschlandstipendien ("German Scholarships") to particularly gifted and high-achieving students.

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If I want to go to university, what costs should I expect?

This is something you should definitely think about before you start university. Maybe you're leaving home and moving to a new city. This involves additional costs such as rent, food, insurance, clothing, semester fees and teaching materials.

Use the free calculator tool to find out what costs you can expect and how much they will be: quick cost calculator

Financing your studies

  • Around two thirds of students use part-time jobs to help finance their studies. A part-time job time-consuming but can also be a very valuable source of experience for your later career.

    You can find part-time student jobs listed online, for example at Thuringian Student Services.

  • BAföG is the common abbreviation for "Bundesausbildungs-förderungsgesetz" (German Federal Training Assistance Act). Under this law, students can receive financial support to secure their livelihood, provided they meet certain conditions. It takes into account, for example, the income of the parents or the student's own assets. The grant is awarded for the standard period of study for a degree program and must be partially repaid after graduation.

    Good to know: different assessment criteria apply if you intend to study abroad, so it may be worth applying for a grant even if you are not otherwise entitled to BAföG.

    You must submit your BAföG application directly to Thuringian Student Services. You can find more information on the Student Services website or by talking to of their advisors.

    You can visit Thuringian Student Services at the University of Applied Sciences Erfurt at the following times:

    Monday and Friday from 10 a.m. till 2 p.m. in the "Glasbox" in the cafeteria.

  • Students often have to live on a tight monthly budget. But the good news is, students can often get by more cheaply or even for free. Information on the concessions and benefits available to students, such as exemption from broadcasting fees or the International Student Identity Card (ISIC), can be found on the website of Thuringian Student Services.

    Incidentally, students with disabilities or chronic illnesses as well as students with children can claim additional support from Student Services.

  • Did you think only the top students qualified for scholarships? Well, you thought wrong: besides academic achievement, social factors and civic engagement can also be decisive criteria. There is a wide variety of scholarship donors - churches, political parties, companies, trade unions - who support students with monthly grants.

    You can find an overview on scholarship databases such as

  • Are you always running out of money before the end of the month? Is having to buy textbooks tearing a big hole in your budget? Public or private student loans can save you from rough patches or secure your livelihood over a longer period of time.

    Before signing a contract, however, it is vital that you compare the conditions and repayment terms.

    • Student loans: Nationwide, institutions such as the KfW-Förderbank, the Deutsche Bank and the Deutsche Kreditbank (DKB) offer such loans.
    • Education loans: Students in later stages of their studies can apply for an education loan from the Federal Office of Administration. This loan is completely independent of other state funding (BAföG) and can be granted for a maximum of 24 months in monthly installments of up to €300.
    • Bridging loan for hardship cases: Students in need can also receive bridging loans from loan funds. For example, many student services organizations operate loan funds.
Part-time jobs

Careers Centre - the FH Erfurt's job market

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