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Checking for plagiarism

The software "Ouriginal" is a useful tool for automatically checking documents for plagiarism.

The aim is to promote good academic working methods as early as possible. By providing teachers with check reports, the software makes it possible to identify text passages that require closer attention. As a result, good academic practice can be established with students at an early stage, before potentially serious consequences arise in later phases of their studies due to the unreferenced use of other people's intellectual property.

As a matter of principle, automated plagiarism checking is used by FHE students on a voluntary basis. Students thus have the right to object to the submission of examination-related work via the platform.


All submitted work is permanently stored on Ouriginal's servers in Sweden and processed solely for the purpose of detecting plagiarism in subsequent work. No work or data from the submitted documents will be passed on to third parties. Upon request (through plagiate@fh-erfurt.de), individual papers can be subsequently deleted from the server.

In cases where there is good reason to suspect plagiarism, it is possible for the lecturer to examine individual papers even without the student's consent. This is always done in anonymous form, and the documents are deleted from the server in these cases after they have been checked. To ensure this special procedure, anonymous checks are only carried out at the request of a lecturer and are technically carried out by the Computer Centre.

    • After the first registration, a special email address (@analysis.urkund.com) is generated for the lecturer, which can be used to upload the student's work.
    • The student should send their assignment to the lecturer's dedicated email address (@analysis.urkund.com).
    • The student will then receive an email confirming that their work has been received.
    • The lecturer will then receive a report on the plagiarism check and contact the student to arrange a meeting if the report indicates the need for further discussion.
  • Students should contact their lecturers if they wish to have their work checked.


Teaching staff will receive a special email address after registration by sending an email to plagiate@fh-erfurt.de with your name and faculty affiliation. It may take up to 24 hours for your application to be processed.

In addition, you will receive access data to a personal "inbox" at www.ouriginal.com, where all submitted assignments can later be viewed.

You can share this email address with your students. The following document types can be sent to this email address and evaluated by the system:

  • Microsoft-Word
  • Open-Office
  • PDF

After plagiarism checks have been carried out, you will receive a link to the report via your regular University of Applied Sciences Erfurt email address (@fh-erfurt.de). In addition, the submitted assignment will appear in your "inbox".