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General Entry Requirements

Find out here what basic requirements you need to fulfil to study at the University of Applied Sciences Erfurt and what is meant by "restricted" and "unrestricted" admissions.

What qualifications do you need in order to study?

You can apply for a place at university if you have one of the following certificates or university entrance qualifications:

  • general university entrance qualification (e.g. German Abitur)
  • subject-specific university entrance qualification (from specialized high schools, vocational colleges or academies etc.)
  • entrance qualification for studying at a university of applied sciences (completion of one or two years at a technical college)
  • successfully passing the master craftsman's examination
  • the successful completion of a training course to become a state-certified technician or state-certified business economist
  • an undergraduate degree from a university or state/state-recognized university of cooperative education for entry to the consecutive Master's programs or post-graduate Master's studies

Did you know, given the right circumstances, you can also study without a school-leaving certificate? Find out more here.

What is meant by "restricted" and "unrestricted" admissions?

We offer a range of degree programs - with or without admission restrictions.

In the degree programs with unrestricted admission, you will definitely receive a place if you fulfil the entry requirements and meet the respective application deadline.

For degree programs with restricted admission, a local so-called "numerus clausus" procedure is carried out due to the large number of applicants. Applications to these programs must be submitted by 15 July of the year in which you wish to begin your studies. If significantly more people apply than there are places on the course, it is posisble for all of the applicants to be admitted. This restriction of admissions is known as "numerus clausus" - often shortened to "NC". Based on the applications received within the deadline, a benchmark entry requirement is determined.