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Academic Committees

The academic committees serve to establish a network between the faculty, the dean's office and the faculty board and also act as an advisory body.

The duties of the academic committee are as follows:

  • drafting the academic and examination regulations and procedures for the faculty board,
  • submission of the requirements for the timetables of the degree program(s) offered within the faculty,
  • contributing to the university's quality report in respect to the degree program(s) offered in the faculty,
  • verifying that the range of courses offered in the degree program(s) is appropriate and complete,
  • making recommendations for decisions regarding the establishment, modification and discontinuation of degree programs and
  • promoting a range of courses across degree programs and disciplines.
Architecture & Urban Planning

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Prof.in Stephanie Kaindl

Student members

Lukas Flierl, Erik Gerloff, Antonia Strubel, Marlon Topper


Urban and Spatial Planning


Prof.in Dr.-Ing. Doris Gstach

Vorsitzende Studienkommission

Prof. Dr. phil. Nikolai Roskamm

Prof.in Dr.-Ing. Heidi Sinning

Student members

Louisa-Maria Diesing, Florentine Ruf, Johanna Schenk, Anja Wolter