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Examination Boards

The Examination Board is responsible for the organization of exams and all related tasks. It ensures that the provisions of the Thuringian Higher Education Act, the most current version of the academic regulations and procedures and the specific program regulations are adhered to. 
In particular, it decides on:

  • admission to examinations,
  • the appointment of examiners and assessors for examinations,
  • the recognition of credits and periods of study not undertaken as part of a student's respective degree program in accordance with § 19 RPO 2019,
  • extension of deadlines, invalidity of examinations, failure to attend, withdrawals from examinations, cheating and breaches of regulations,
  • reasonable adjustments, e.g. for disabilities or chronic conditions,
  • final pass/fail decisions, unless the Examination Board delegates this task to the Examinations Office,
  • Appeals by students against decisions made in matters relating to their degree courses or examinations. The Examination Board may grant appeals or issue notices of appeal (cf. § 21 Paragraph 4). The head of the university or the body appointed by him/her may also issue notices of objection. The head of the Centre for Student and Academic Affairs supervises the appeals procedure and checks appeal notices for compliance with procedural and formal requirements and factual correctness before they are sent out by post..
Architecture & Urban Planning

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Student members:

Nick Patzelt, Marie Weidinger, René Krzykowski, Karen Wolf

Urban and Spatial Planning

Prof.in Dr. phil. Katrin Großmann

Vorsitzende Prüfungsausschuss

Prof. Dr. phil. Nikolai Roskamm

Prof.in Dr.-Ing. Doris Gstach

Student members:
René Krzykowski, Karen Wolf