Faculty Board

The Faculty Board advises and makes decisions on matters of fundamental importance to the faculty, unless otherwise stipulated by the Thuringian Higher Education Act or the bylaws. In particular, this includes resolutions on

  • nominations for the appointment of new professors,
  • the establishment and abolition of an Academic Committee or Academic Committees and the election of their members,
  • advisory guidelines for the Academic Affairs Committee regarding the establishment, modification or discontinuation of degree programs,
  • academic regulations and procedures specific to the faculty,
  • entering into target and performance agreements with the Executive Board,
  • the establishment and abolition of faculty committees.
Architecture & Urban Planning

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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Reinhold Zemke

a) Faculty Board with equal representation

Student members:
Carla Langeloh und Cedric Maier

b) Additional professorial members for the appointment of academic staff