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Bachelor’s in Building Services Engineering (“ERFURT MODEL”)

An integrated approach: vocational training and simultaneous university studies towards a Bachelor of Engineering (B. Eng.)

The so-called ERFURT MODEL combines vocational training with university studies leading to a Bachelor's degree.
This degree program has a number of unique advantages:

  • the practical skills that are so important for studying at a university of applied sciences are intensified significantly,
  • our students acquire two qualifications: a journeyman's certificate in their chosen apprenticeship and a Bachelor's degree in Building Services Engineering from the University of Applied Sciences Erfurt.

This opportunity was developed by the Department of Building Services Engineering in close cooperation with the Erfurt Chamber of Crafts and other associates. Currently, the following apprenticeships are on offer:

SHK-TV report on the ERFURT MODEL from 30.05.2022

Here, you can find a list of companies that offer suitable apprenticeships.

As we are able to perfectly coordinate the training content and time schedule, we have succeeded in shortening the overall duration of training from what would usually be 7 years to 4.5 years. All the necessary practical and theoretical exams are carried out in accordance with the current examination regulations of the chambers (crafts and industry / commerce) and the University of Applied Sciences Erfurt. After the student has successfully completed their practical training in the companies, they continue their main degree course at the Department of Building Services Engineering. In the crafts sector, it is possible to be entered into the"Handwerksrolle" (crafts register) after you have successfully completed your degree program.

The course contents are the same as those of the Bachelor’s in Building Services Engineering.
In the integrated model, however, the work placement (5th semester) is part of your vocational training (examinations for completion of the journeyman's certificate).

Flyer Bachelor Building Services Engineering | ERFURT MODEL | Erfurt Chamber of Crafts

  • Title Building Services Engineering
  • Qualification 1 journeyman's certificate
  • Qualification 2 Bachelor of Engineering
  • Duration 4.5 years in total
  • Mode of study full-time
  • Begins winter semester
  • Fees -
  • Enrolment period 15.05. - 15.09.
  • Entry requirements yes Show
  • Special entry requirements Apprenticeship contract