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Department of Conservation and Restoration at FH Erfurt

Since its foundation in 1994, the Department of Conservation and Restoration has trained around 400 students from Germany and abroad to become specialists who are now mainly active in the museum and heritage conservation sector, but also to some extent in research and teaching.

The discipline is strongly rooted in the region around Erfurt and in the Free State of Thuringia, but is also broadly positioned nationally and internationally. For the city of Erfurt, it recently restored a number of Jewish gravestones from the Middle Ages as well as the culturally and historically significant "Raum mit der Blumendecke” (Room with the Flower Ceiling, 13th century), which is on the city of Erfurt's tentative list for its application to become a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Department has a highly specialized natural science laboratory at its disposal, which also works for domestic and foreign institutions.

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