Academic Committee

The academic committee is responsible for ensuring that courses are offered in an orderly manner and for compiling the academic regulations and procedures. It consists of 5 professors and 4 students.

Prof. Gert Bischoff

Prof. Dr. Dirk Landgraf

Prof. Dr. Fiona Schönfeld

Student Members:

  • Christian Dietrich (Bachelor Forestry)
  • Jan Lennart Fischer (Bachelor Forestry)
  • Johannes Grote (Bachelor Horticulture) 
  • Sarah Hessing (Master Renewable Energy Management)
  • Julia Tröger (Bachelor Horticulture)

Prof. Inga Hahn

Prof. Dr. Ilke Marschall

Mitglied / stellvertr. Vorsitzende Studienkommission LGF

To person

Prof. Dr. Birgit Wilhelm