Research Greenhouse Facilities

The research greenhouse facilities became operational in the summer of 2000. The complex consists of the research greenhouse, two semi-permanent warehouses for machinery and equipment, and the utility and laboratory building. In the greenhouse we share with LVG Erfurt (Teaching and Research Centre for Horticulture), operated by TLLLR (state institute for agriculture and horticulture), we have access to approx. 2400 m2 in 19 separately climate-controlled compartments and individual laboratories for trials, projects and courses in the fields of phytomedicine, placental nutrition, propagation, vegetable and ornamental crop production and service horticulture.

Our technical facilities include a modern Venlo greenhouse with continuous roof ventilation on both sides, various heating and cooling systems, several power panels, shading and darkening systems as well as humidifying and carbon dioxide treatment systems. Furthermore, there are numerous self-contained irrigation systems with nutrient solution recirculation and computer-controlled fertilization, a rainwater collection system with a capacity of 2400 m³ and modern control technology as well as a central data collection system for documenting trials. The facilities and laboratories in the utility building are used for applied research and practical training based on the latest scientific discoveries.

Head of Trial Operations

Dr. Dirk Blankenburg

Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter Lehrgebiet: Obstbau

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