Air Conditioning Laboratory

Air Conditioning Technology

Model Air-Conditioning System

  • with external air intake via geothermal heat exchanger,
  • with outdoor air simulation,
  • with simulation room, heat recovery (plate heat exchanger, rotary heat exchanger)

Air supply and exhaust ducts with air diffusers, source air induction unit, measuring technology, indoor air flow chamber

Current experiments

Air Conditioning 1 Determination of air volume and adjustment of air diffusers

  • Learning about and assessing different practical measuring procedures

Air Conditioning 2 Tests on the air distribution in the indoor air flow chamber with different air diffusers for winter operation (heating) and summer operation (cooling)

Air Conditioning 3 Ventilation system with heat recovery in winter mode
(comparing plate heat exchangers/rotary heat exchangers)

  • Learning about the operation of a ventilation system with heat recovery
  • Recording significant readings and energetic evaluation

Air Conditioning 4 Tests on the source air induction unit

  • Familiarization with a source air induction unit and insights into its functions
  • Recording significant readings and energetic evaluation

Air Conditioning 7 Readings taken from the model air conditioning system as part of an energy inspection

Dipl.-Ing. Sylvia Willing