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    Electrical Engineering Lab

    This laboratory is used to teach students in their first semesters a range of fundamental knowledge about electrical engineering.

    1. Introduction to electrical circuits (1) DC circuits
      Contents: Voltage and current dividers, real voltage sources, resistor networks, Kirchhoff's 1st and 2nd law
    2. Introduction to electrical circuits (2) AC circuits
      Contents: Behaviour of real components (ohmic resistance, capacity, inductivity) in AC circuits, phase relationships, between current, voltage dependent on frequency
    3. Introduction to electrical circuits (3) Three-Phase AC
      Contents: Star and delta connection of ohmic resistances, measuring current, voltage and power on three-phase appliances, balanced and unbalanced three-phase loads
    4. Three-phase induction motors
      Contents: Operating behaviour of three-phase induction motors under different load conditions (influence on speed, current and power consumption, power factor, efficiency); reactive power compensation; speed settings
    5. Protective measures according to VDE 0100
      Danger of direct or indirect contact with electrical circuits; comparison of autotransformers and isolation transformers; use, mode of operation and characteristics of miniature circuit breakers and residual current circuit breakers

    Lab Engineer

    Helko Starke