Gas Engineering Lab

Gas Engineering 1 Determining the density of gases (natural gas H)
The aim of the experiment is to determine the density of a gas by comparing it with the density of a reference gas.

Gas Engineering 3 Determining the calorific value of the natural gas H
In this experiment, the calorific value and heating value of natural gas H are determined.

Gas Engineering 6 Gas flame test
The conversion of combustible gases into usable heat is subject to certain laws that must be observed if the degree of conversion and the reliability of the system are to be maximized.
Therefore, it is important to examine what determines whether a gas flame burns steadily, rebounds or is lifted from the burner.
The GG8 flame stability and velocity tester can be used to simulate a wide range of different operating conditions and to experimentally investigate the mixture-dependent ignition and combustion behaviour of combustible gases.

Gas Engineering 10 Functional model VCW 180-XEU
The basic unit settings on the functional model Thermoblock VCW 180-XEU must be adjusted according to the specified power values for partial and full loads. Then, for heating and hot water operation, the respective readings are to be recorded and

  • the heat load
  • the heat output
  • and efficiency

are to be calculated.

Lab Engineer

Dr. René Stang