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Research Management at FH Erfurt

Research at universities of applied sciences

The Thuringian Higher Education Act § 5 (1) stipulates that research is one of the duties of higher education institutions alongside teaching, studying and continuing education. Universities of applied sciences accomplish this by means of applied teaching and associated research. According to § 5 (2), the universities are also responsible for the "transfer of knowledge and technology". To achieve this, the University of Applied Sciences Erfurt operates on the following management levels.

University Executive Board

Within the executive board of the University of Applied Sciences Erfurt, responsibility for this area is held by the Vice-President for Research and Transfer, Prof. Yvonne Brandenburger. She also chairs the Research and Transfer Committee.

Research and Transfer Committee

To coordinate, prepare decisions and participate in university matters below central level and for issues concerning the faculties themselves, the university has three committees with defined responsibilities. Matters relating to research and transfer are the responsibility of the eponymous Research and Transfer Committee.

Centre for technology transfer

The Service Centre for Research and Transfer falls under the responsibility of the Vice-President for Research and Transfer. Its tasks include presenting the university's research potential. For example, it coordinates and edits the "competence catalogue" (detailing the range of services offered by the University of Applied Sciences Erfurt in research, knowledge and technology transfer) and the research report ( completed projects) as central documentation. These publications provide an overview of the range of research topics covered at the University of Applied Sciences Erfurt.


The University of Applied Sciences Erfurt is divided into faculties. The research sections of the faculties' websites provide information on current research projects with detailed project descriptions. Furthermore, each faculty has a research coordinator who can be contacted directly regarding specialist enquiries.


In accordance with the principle of freedom in teaching, research, art, science and studies, the researchers themselves bear responsibility for research conducted at the university. The research coodinators, Service Centre for Research and Transfer and the university executive board are happy to help you establish contact. For addresses, telephone numbers and so forth, please refer to the research websites of the respective faculties.