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Service Centre for Research and Transfer

The service centre for "Research and Transfer" is the central point of contact at the University of Applied Sciences Erfurt for all enquiries relating to research, knowledge and technology transfer

The range of advice and services we offer includes:

  • Explaining the general conditions for research using third-party funds at higher education institutions
  • Providing information on funding programs and institutions of the German federal states, the federal government and the EU
  • Establishing contacts and arranging discussions with researchers at the University of Applied Sciences Erfurt or vice versa with companies, research institutions or other universities (collaborative or contract research)
  • Assistance with the application process, drafting of contracts, development of budgets, etc. for research projects
  • Presenting the university's research potential (e.g. research report, transfer catalogue, information materials, attendance at trade fairs)
  • Contact for patent and exploitation activities at our university
  • Organizing work in the Research and Transfer Committee (assigned management area)

In its role as a transfer centre, we are also the point of contact for members and affiliates of the university as well as our partners outside the University of Applied Sciences Erfurt (companies, authorities, chambers, research funding bodies, associations, foundations, etc.).

Contacts at the Service Centre:

Secretary: Ms. Anne-Kathrin Taigarao

National research funding and transfer (not country-specific) / Director: Dr. Thomas Schwager

  • Director of the service
  • Advice to applicants in the area of national public funding bodies (federal ministries, foundations, DFG, etc.)
  • Support for cooperation with companies and the public sector (demarcation of collaborative research from contract research)
  • Advice on notification procedures, in particular project calculations in the non-commercial sector
  • Project implementation and execution in the case of national funding
  • Contact for the university's patent and exploitation activities

International research funding: Dr. Susan Gniechwitz

  • Research into suitable funding schemes for your project
  • Identifying where the project idea fits into the European Commission's funding programs
  • The structural and technical preparation of applications
  • Assistance during contract negotiations

more information

State funding and contract research, internal university research funding, research PR: Dipl.-Rest. Manuela Görgner, M.A.

  • Advice on applications to national public funding bodies of the state ministries of Thuringia
  • Advice on project proposals in the field of national contract research
  • Advice on internal university research funding: FFI, LeFa, DKZ
  • Contact for the university's research focus areas
  • Planning/coordination of university participation in research fairs/ R+D presentations

Visitors' address:

Fachhochschule Erfurt
Altonaer Straße 25
99085 Erfurt

Postal address:

Fachhochschule Erfurt
Postfach 45 01 55
99051 Erfurt