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Architecture and Urban Planning

Current research and development capabilities of the faculty

You can read more about the faculty's research and development portfolio in the Competence Catalogue.

Competence Catalogue

Completed projects

In the latest research report, you can find out more about the projects carried out during the reporting period (01.01.2014 - 31.12.2017).

Download:  latest research report (in German)

Current projects

Current projects are presented on the faculty's research-related websites.

Link to the faculty: Architecture and Urban Planning

Research Coordinator

Prof.in Dr.-Ing. Heidi Sinning

+49 361 6700-4480sinning@fh-erfurt.de Altonaer Straße, Schlüterstraße | 12.1.16 (Altonaer Straße), 103 Schlüterstraße