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Leon Kiefer

Wirtschaft-Logistik-Verkehr Institut Verkehr und Raum


Mitglied Komission Forschung und Transfer

Altonaer Straße | Raum 11.1.19


Leon Kiefer studied geoinformatics at Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences. He came into contact with the topic of traffic and transport through his work-study activity and bachelor thesis at PTV Group. For this reason, he has been studying for a master's degree in traffic and transport at the University of Applied Sciences Erfurt since 2019 and has been employed at the Institute of Traffic and Space since May 2020. Initially as a research assistant in the acquisition of projects with a research focus on "automation and connected driving", he is now working on optimizing the safety of shorter-duration workplaces on the street in the Mosaik:D project.

Research Projects