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    Discrimination, Radicalization and Violence

    The University of Applied Sciences Erfurt is proactive in its commitment to promoting equality and equal treatment of all people, regardless of their circumstances. Together we strive to make university life and the University of Applied Sciences Erfurt a cosmopolitan and diverse place to study and conduct research.

    One important step is to support all university members who experience or observe discrimination, exclusion, violence and radicalization tendencies, and those who are affected by racism, anti-Semitism or by discrimination on the basis of their gender, origin, faith, sexual orientation and identity, or disability.

    Here is an overview of the counselling and support available both at the University of Applied Sciences Erfurt and external providers:

    Diversity Officer at FH Erfurt

    The university's Diversity Officer works to combat discrimination, remove potential barriers and promote equal opportunities, whether it be for reasons of age, gender, ethnicity, social origin, sexual orientation or physical and mental health conditions. Diversity is about recognizing people's diverse achievements and experiences, embracing their potential and putting it to good use.

    The Diversity Officer advises and supports all members of the university who are affected by or observe discrimination and exclusion in order to create a cosmopolitan university that sees its diversity as an opportunity!

    Diversity Officer

    Babette Lautenschläger