eduVPN (beta)

EduVPN enables you to easily and securely access university resources from home.

To do so, you need to install a program/app and log in with your university account data. After that, you can use all the university library's licensed databases as if you were on campus.

Please note that we are still testing the system, so unexpected disruptions can occur. Currently, our main aim is to make the library's services accessible.

  • Logging in to the VPN portal

    Click on to access the eduVPN portal and log in using your university account data.

    Installing the VPN client

    Once you have logged in, you can download the VPN client various operating systems/devices.
    Navigate to the "Start" tab and select the platform you require. After that you can execute the downloaded installation file. (Please note: you will need admin rights to install the program!)

    Setting up a VPN connection

    Once installed, you can start up the eduVPN client. In the search box " Find your institute" enter the VPN gateway "".

    Connecting/disconnecting VPN

    Click on "" to establish a VPN tunnel. You can deactivate the connection at any time by clicking on the button.

    Managing and authorizing devices

    When you use eduVPN on a device for the first time or after a break of seven days, your device has to be approved before you can use it. You will be automatically forwarded to the eduVPN portal.

    You can view your authorized devices in your user account. we recommend that you check this list every now and again to  prevent any abuse of your account.

  • If necessary, you can also remove the VPN connection from your VPN client. To do so, click on the arrow in the top left-hand corner of your eduVPN client. Then, use a right mouse click to "forget"  the entry "".


Service Desk

+49 361 Altonaer Straße | 7.E.13
Quick info
  • VPN Gateway / Server
  • Direct link to portal eduVPN-Portal