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    Padlet Backpack School Plan

    Padlet is a web-based tool for creating digital pinboards for collaborative work.

    All data processing takes place in the cloud of the US licensor. Our data protection officer has therefore compiled the data protection aspects to be observed by teachers and data protection information for students.
    You can find it at ....(not yet on the new website) and from 31 January 2022 on the intranet.

    Please also note the licensor's privacy policy and terms of service.

    Here is a brief summary of the most important instructions for use:

    • Use must always be on a voluntary basis.
    • Proof must be provided that learners have been informed about the possible risks of contributing to a Padlet pinboard, e.g. via the parallel Moodle course or with a link to the pinboard
    • Be careful when selecting the pinboard mode
    • -> There are 4 modes of access:
    • 1. "private" (requires students to personally register)
    • 2. "password protected" (offers more protection than "secret": link to the Padlet and password must be known, personal account of students not required)
    • 3. "secret" (students only need to know the link to the Padlet; their personal account is not required) -> default
    • 4. "public": generally not suitable for teaching purposes
    • The contents of a Padlet pinboard may not become a risk for the participating learners. This is possible if a personal connection can be drawn.

    If you are interested in having an account or if you have any queries, please contact your departmental admin.

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