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Academic Committee

The Academic Committee is in charge of organizing and supervising studies and teaching in the various degree programs. It is responsible for the curriculum and timetabling, oversees academic regulations and procedures and aims to ensure that you can complete your degree course within the standard period of study and are equipped to work in your chosen profession.

The following people are your points of contact on the academic committee:


  • Prof. Dr. Michaela Rißmann Associate Dean of Studies

Members: Professors

  • Prof. Dr. Saskia Erbring
  • Prof. Dr. Christine Rehklau
  • Prof. Dr. Heike Schulze

Members: Students

Anastazija Andjelic
Charlotte Meichsner
Elisabeth Weber
Pascal Wiedeking

Applied Social Sciences

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Winter Semester 2021/22

08.12.2021, 3 pm, online meeting

19.01.2022, 2.15 pm, online meeting

16.02.2021, 2.15 pm, online meeting

Please contact the Dean of Studies for the login details.