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Information for Prospective Students


Project weeks

Project weeks add some variety to everyday student life in the earlier semesters. During this time, normal lectures are not held and the students work on a (more or less) free topic from its initial concept through to its presentation. It is a productive mix of fun and work that brings about amazing results.

Compact project weeks

In compact project weeks, we take the idea of projects to the extreme: away from their usual seminars, all students in the department work in new small groups day and night if necessary to develop solutions for a given task. The university is open all week long, and at the end of the week, theatre productions, shows and awards ceremonies merge seamlessly into a huge closing party. The compact project weeks at the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning are a cultural event that extends into the city - especially the Christmas event. They live off the students' creativity, which always flourishes astonishingly on such occasions.

Field trips

In a different, but no less pronounced way, field trips nurture expertise and develop personalities. They are also an integral part of our degree courses and take place in the summer semester. Over the course of their degree program, all students are required to take part in four field trips. Where budgets permit, we provide subsidies. Popular destinations include Tuscany, Barcelona and the Netherlands, but there have also been trips to London, Paris, Los Angeles and Tokyo. In addition, we naturally also organize visits to destinations in Germany or day trips to nearby architectural sights in the vicinity of Erfurt.

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