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Automotive Engineering Laboratory

The main idea of the Automotive Engineering Laboratory is to provide a user-oriented approach to the teaching and research of current automotive engineering issues. The underlying concept is twofold: in addition to offering technical and manpower support for current project and research work, students are effectively introduced to engineering issues at an early stage through practicals and project work.


Building 10, ground floor, room 01

Laboratory Engineer

Dipl.-Ing. Kai Gottschall

Laboratory Engineer for Automotive Engineering

+49 361 6700-6488kai.gottschall@fh-erfurt.de Altonaer Straße | Raum 3.2.35

VW Transporter T5

Mobile laboratory for dynamometer testing and road tests

  • power: 173 kW /  6200 rpm
  • generating torque: 315 Nm / 2950 rpm
  • fuel: petrol
  • engine size: 3189 cm³


  • fuel consumption meter
  • 230 V power supply
  • manual accelerator pedal adjustment (only for dynamometer use)
  • remote access for CAN buses

BMW i3

Battery-electric vehicle particularly for investigating effects on energy consumption

  • power: 125 kW
  • generating torque: 250 Nmn
  • fuel: electric
  • battery capacity: 18.8 kWh (net)


  • breakout box for measuring current and voltage in the high-voltage system
  • manual accelerator pedal adjustment (only for dynamometer use)
  • remote access for CAN buses
  • additional programmable display to show on-board data


Petrol-fuelled laboratory vehicle that can be modified in various ways and can therefore be used for a range of different courses.

  • power: 103 kW / 4500 rpm
  • generating torque:
  • fuel: petrol
  • engine size: 1395 cm³


  • fuel consumption meter
  • remote access for CAN buses
  • setup for testing to determine the centre of gravity

Vehicle transport trailer / 3-way tipper HLK 30.40X20AE

Trailer for transporting equipment and vehicles

  • load capacity: 1960 kg
  • length: 5.40 m
  • width: 2.1 m
  • overrun brake
  • hydraulic tilting system