Thermodynamics Lab

Thermodynamics 1 Gas-vapour mixtures
Familiarization with psychrometric measurement and analytical methods for the determination of the state of gas-vapour mixtures using the example of humid air
Familiarize yourself with the h,x-diagram of humid air with its versatile readout features

Thermodynamics 2 Pipe heat exchanger
Demonstration of the characteristic properties of a pipe heat exchanger
Comparison of the measurements and calculations for direct and countercurrent flow

Thermodynamics 3 Solar thermal installations
Using the solar energy demonstration system ET 202, theoretically acquired basic knowledge shall be consolidated and supplemented through practical application, and arguments for conducting discussions on alternative forms of energy and non-fossil energy sources shall be provided.
Main areas of focus:

  • Become acquainted with the structure and function of a solar collector system
  • Broadening understanding of heat transfer on solar collectors
  • Drawing up energy assessments
  • Determining efficiency levels

Lab Engineer

Dr. René Stang