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Using your thoska

Find out here how you can protect your thoska from damage and what to do if you lose it.


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How to look after your thoska

Please pay attention to the following to keep your thoska card working properly for as long as possible:

  • use a protective cover to make sure the card isn't damaged
  • don't bend the card
  • don't expose the card to high temperatures
  • keep the card away from electromagnetic sources
  • keep the surface of the card clean
  • avoid contact between the card and fluids

What to do if you lose your thoska

If you've lost your thoska card, please email the thoska office so that the card can be deactivated. Here is some information on applying for a new thoska card.

    • Complete the application for re-issue of a thoska card and send it together with a suitable photo by email to the thoska office.
    • Transfer the 20 euro charge for lost cards.
    • You can pick up your new card from the thoska office. Upon request, it can also be sent by post.

    Please note:

    • The thoska can only be re-issued once all of the necessary documents have been submitted and payment has been received.
    • Re-issue is free of charge for employees of the university (professors, staff etc.).
    • Re-issue is only free of charge for students if they change their name; if it can be proven that the card doesn't work; if the card shows signs of wear and tear; or if the card has been stolen as proven by a corresponding police report.
  • Free use of public transport is only possible with your thoska card.
    A temporary card/certificate cannot be issued.

  • Please email the thoska office if your old card turns up again. The thoska can then be reactivated.

  • If you lose your thoska, you also lose the credit on it. Without the card, the balance is non-refundable.