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Shibboleth - central login service

Shibboleth, the central login service, allows you to access services or licensed content from different providers with a single login, regardless of your location.

You can find a list of the available services on the website of the university library, for example.

  • The authentication and authorization procedure via Shibboleth is carried out completely via the user's browser with the help of cookies and hypertext transfer protocol (https).

    The service consists of 3 components that are installed independently of each other: Service Provider (SP - service provider), Identity Provider (IP- authentication service at the home institution) and a localization service to determine the home institution.

    The University of Applied Sciences Erfurt uses the localization service of the DFN-AAI Federation. It creates the necessary relationship of trust and an organizational and technical framework for the exchange of user information between institutions and providers.

    • access a web resource (e.g. GigaMove)
    • select the home institution (University of Applied Sciences Erfurt) via the localization service (DFN-AAI)
    • register with your university account ("Hochschul-Account") + password
    • the data is displayed that you need to enter for the requested service
    • confirm or reject transfer of your data
    • after you have confirmed, you will have access to the web resoure (provided you are entitled to access)

    If you use another application via Shibboleth within the same browser session, you do not need to log in again (Single Sign On).

  • There is currently no Single Sign out in Shibboleth. Currently, you can log out by closing the browser (all open browser windows) or by deleting the browser cookies. This terminates the sessions of all services requested via Shibboleth.


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