Work telephone

Office telephone

FH Erfurt provides you with a work phone at your desk. The standard configuration is for national calls only.

If you require any changes (name, international calls, etc.), if you have moved, or if you are experiencing any problems or faults, please contact the Service Desk.

Please note: 
You may only forward your phone to landline numbers and FH mobile numbers.

Softphone client for remote working

If you are working remotely, you can apply for a softphone client. To do so, your supervisor needs to send an email to the Service Desk.

The softphone client enables you to accept calls on your work number and to make calls from this number while you are working remotely.

Please note: 
You can only see missed calls when you are online. Once the client is closed, the next time you start it, you will not see the calls that were received during this time.

Mobile work phone

Information on how to apply for a mobile work phone is available on PIP.


Service Desk

+49 361 Altonaer Straße | 7.E.13