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University account and IT access data

Your "Hochschulaccount" is your user account for central access-restricted services at the University of Applied Sciences Erfurt. Every member of the university receives a university account at the start of his or her employment (upon enrolment or commencement of employment). This is used for authentication, for example:

  • login at computer workstations of the FH for data storage and printing servicese
  • e-learning (Moodle)
  • external data access (Netstorage)
  • e-mail
  • WiFi
  • student records
  • timetable
  • Cloud services (Nextcloud)
  • video conferencing (Webex)
  • intranet
  • software downloads
  • etc.

Students receive their university account data with their enrolment documents from the Centre for Student and Academic Affairs, and employees of the University of Applied Sciences receive their employment documents from the Department of Human Resources and Legal Affairs.

Guest login

Guests or individuals who are NOT registered as employees or students of the University of Applied Sciences Erfurt or guests can apply for the use of the above services via the dean of the relevant faculty or the executive board of the university.
Download guest user application

  • Before using these services for the first time, you need to activate your account on the FHE user portal by changing your password. Your initial password is only valid for three login attempts on the FHE user portal, which means you must change your password by the third login attempt in order to activate services.

    Your password is your personal access key to the various services and applications available to you within the IT infrastructure of FH Erfurt. You shoud never pass this on to others, including by phone or email. The departmental administrators and staff in the University Computer Centre will never ask you for your password, so please be vigilant. If in doubt, contact our service desk.

    Make sure you keep your initial password in a safe place. If you forget your password, you can reset your initial password.

  • Any changes to passwords can only be made by you yourself in the FHE user portal or by contacting the University Computer Centre in person.

    For your own security, please observe our advice on creating passwords.

    Any password changes made on the FHE user portal refer exclusively to services within the university network. To change your password for services of individual faculties, departments or other institutions, please contact them directly.

  • Forgotten your password? You have three options:

    1. If you're on campus.
    Please come to see us in person at the Computer Centre on campus (Altonaer Straße 25, Building 7, ground floor). Once you have proven your identity to a member of our staff by means of an official ID document with a photo, we will help you to create a new password.

    2. Not here at the moment?
    Request a new password from the Service Desk. You will receive it by post at the address that we have on file for you.

    3. Do you still have your initial password?
    Ask the Service Desk ro reset to your first password. Please do not give anyone else this password!

  • After your enrolment has been terminated or you no longer work at the university, your access will expire. Your university account will be automatically deactivated 90 days after completion of your studies/employment.

    Access to external services will be deactivated immediately upon completion of your studies/employment.

    You will receive an automatically generated email from codex@fh-erfurt.de approximately 100 days before expiry/deactivation of your university account. Please take note of the instructions in the email:
    If you have re-enrolled or enrolled in another degree program at FH Erfurt by the time you receive this email, please ignore this message. Your access will remain active.