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Video and Web Conferencing

Here you will find an overview and further information about the video and web tools available at the University of Applied Sciences Erfurt.


The Computer Centre provides the Cisco cloud service Webex to all faculty, staff and students as a collaborative platform for video/audio conferencing, online meetins, online training, online events and webinars.

If you are invited to a meeting, you will receive instructions and access data by email.

Participation in online lectures or meetings is also possible without an account.

  • You can use this service without your university account.

    To do so, follow the steps below to log on to the Webex web portal:

    •  go to https://fh-erfurt.webex.com
    • click on "login" in the top right-hand corner
    • enter your FHE email address and click on "weiter" ("continue")
    • you will be redirected to Shibboleth -> use your university account (Hochschul-Account) + password

    If you log in to the app or client software, you will also be asked for your FHE email address and then redirected to Shibboleth.

  • We recommend using the app or client software (Windows or Mobile) for uninterrupted service.

    The software is automatically installed on the administration's computers.
    If you wish, you can install the Webex Teams application on your own via the ZenWorks catalogue (double-click ZenWorks icon, right-click "Open" application).

    Please note: You remain logged in to the client software even after you restart your computer. Therefore, when using public computers, please remember to "log out".

    The Webex products can also be used via your browser.

  • First steps

    Webex Meeting for hosts
    Webex Meeting for participants

    Webex Meetings app

    Your personal Webex room

    Think of your own personal Webex room as your own conference room. You will be assigned an individual link which will always remain the same and which you can easily remember. You can hold a meeting immediately or copy the URL of your personal room into a calendar invitation. Back-to-back meetings are easy to manage using your own personal rooms, and you can use the lobby to keep track of your guests.

    First steps in your personal Webex room

  • Webex Teams

    Nowadays, projects and innovations are developed in teams. Exchange messages with your colleagues, research partners or students in dedicated areas, share files, images or screenshots and develop creative ideas - together, at any time and from anywhere.

    Introduction and instructions for using Webex Teams

    Access to Webex Teams via your browser: https://teams.webex.com/

    You can install the "Webex Teams" application on your office computer via the ZenWorks catalogue (double-click the ZenWorks icon, right-click "Open" to open the application).

    Webex Events

    Whether it's a research presentation, staff meeting, conference or web seminar, Cisco Webex Events allows you to reach a large audience (several thousands). Chat functions and comment tools also allow interactive communication with your participants in real time.

    Introduction and instructions for using Webex Events

    Webex Training

    Experience online training with almost the same quality as face-to-face events. Share documents and presentations during your training sessions. Host seminars for students or staff from geographically distant locations.

    Introduction and instructions for using Webex Training


With DFNconf, the German Research Network (DFN-Verein) offers its users in the academic community the opportunity to hold video, audio and web conferences. This service is tailored to the needs of research and teaching and provides the central technical components required. It can be accessed via video conferencing devices, web browsers and telephone.

You can find instructions and notes on the DFN website.

Nextcloud Talk

Nextcloud Talk is a conferencing service that enables you to

  • communicate with images and sound,
  • share data and
  • share your computer screen.

It can be used by all members of the University of Applied Sciences Erfurt. Communication with externals is also possible.
Nextcloud Talk runs on domestic servers and is part of our secure cloud solution Nextcloud.

Per meeting, around 30-50 people can take part by video/audio.

It isn't possible to join by phone. Use of Nextcloud Talk always requires a computer or mobile device. Nextcloud also offers a separate app for mobile devices.

The server address to be entered in the app is:


For a brief guide to using Nextcloud Talk, click here.

For more product information, see Nextcloud Talk.


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