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    Centre of Fundamental Studies

    The Centre of Fundamental Studies (German acronym "GLZ") was founded at the University of Applied Sciences in 2022. In cooperation with the faculties and the Centre for Continuing Education, this central institution provides teaching services in modules integrated into degree programs, cross-curricular bridge and advanced courses, and elective modules for the development and consolidation of key skills for all students at our university. It currently consists of three departments: STEM (Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry), the Language Centre and PACKS (Professional and Academic Communications & Key Skills).

    Here you will find an overview of the courses and services provided by the Centre of Fundamental Studies as well as links to the individual departments and important contacts.

    Director Centre of Fundamental Studies, Team Leader STEM

    Professor Dr.-Ing. Sven Steinbach

    Team Leader PACKS

    Katharina Key


    Daniela Buchwald

    Team Leader LANGUAGES

    Dr. Susanne Schrabback

    Team Leader CHEMISTRY

    Dr. Juliane Traeger


    Astrid Teichmann