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Bachelor’s in Social Work

Social Work is about empowering people in different life situations, which in turn involves taking responsibility. Those who seek to take on this responsibility need comprehensive knowledge, skills and a professional mindset. The Bachelor's degree program is designed to provide you with the first professional qualification you need to work independently in the diverse fields of social work and at the interfaces between them. This is possible thanks to the close integration of theory and practice.

Program Director

Prof. Dr. Ulrike Igel

Professorin für Soziale Arbeit im Sozialraum

Studiengangsleitung Bachelorstudiengang "Soziale Arbeit"


Modules and credits

Credits are assigned to the individual modules according to the students' workload. Each module concludes with a module-specific assessment such as a project, written exam, oral exam, term paper or presentation. With 138 theory credits, 36 practical credits and 6 credits for the acquisition of cross-curricular competences, plus your Bachelor's thesis, you will graduate with a Bachelor of Arts degree and as a state-certified Social Worker/Social Pedagogue. 

At the end of your degree program, you choose a specialization from the following areas:

  • Childhood and Youth
  • Marginalization and Deviation
  • Health and Sickness

Overview: What to expect in your studies

    • The Individual and Society (Social Psychology, Sociology, Society, Power, Functional Systems)
    • Development and Socialization
    • Social Problems and Interventions
    • Diversity and Inclusion
    • Fundamentals of the Rule of Law and the Welfare State
    • Organization and Management
    • Current Types of Assistance and Networking Strategies
    • Academic Work
    • Research and Bachelor’s Thesis
    • Theories of Social Work
    • Autobiographical Self-Reflection
    • Practical Methods of Social Work
    • Social Diagnostics
    • Communication Skills and Conflict Management
    • Working with Families and Groups
    • Community Orientation in Social Work
    • Fundamentals of Media Education and Aesthetics
    • Orientation Placement
    • Case Work
    • Work Placement Semester
    • Childhood and Youth
    • Marginalization and Deviation
    • Health and Sickness

Knowledge and skills for aspiring social workers

Prospective social workers need a broad range of knowledge and skills, which they will acquire during the six semesters of the degree program in Social Work. The degree course is divided into six module areas, each consisting of several modules. These modules deal with the foundations of human and behavioural sciences (e.g. social and developmental psychology, theories of upbringing and education), contextual factors such as law and organizational management, academic principles and professional doctrine, methodologies for conducting dialogues, group leadership, etc., as well as supervised periods of practical training.

Academic Calendar

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  • Title Bachelor Social Work
  • Qualification/degree Bachelor (Bachelor of Arts)
  • Duration 6 semesters
  • Mode of study full-time
  • Flexibility Open for occasional students
    Part-time studies possible
    Open to affiliate students
  • Beginning Winter semester
  • Costs -
  • Admission Restricted admissions (NC)
  • Period for application 15.05. - 15.07.
  • General Requirements Yes Show
  • Special Requirements Yes Show

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