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Microsoft Exchange / Outlook

The Computer Centre provides a groupware service with Microsoft Exchange for all lecturers and employees of the University of Applied Sciences Erfurt. In addition to managing emails, Microsoft Exchange offers other functions that are especially useful for group work. The Computer Centre only provides and supports MS Outlook as a mail program and Outlook Web Access (OWA) for web access.

Do you need a special mailbox or do you want to extend or delete an existing mailbox or change access rights? Then please use this form.

  • Regardless of the operating system you use, you can access your emails from any browser using "OWA - Outlook Web Access", a fully functional web client.

    The Computer Centre provides all employees of FH Erfurt with access to the email program "Outlook".
    Please note: Thunderbird does not support Exchange protocol.

    All users can use it on their mobile devices.

  • The following data is required to set up your email client:

    Server: group.fh-erfurt.de

    Domain\user name: fhe\ab1234cd

    On mobile clients, your university account is created as an additional account (type=Exchange). In this case, select manual set-up.
    After that, you can configure what is to be synchronized on this device. All the installed apps can then be used for mail, calendar and contacts.

  • When you set up Outlook on private devices, you might be asked for your login data over and over again.

    In this case, you need to quit the setup and apply this registration fix (please use "right-click" and "save link").
    This ensures that Outlook will not search for an Exchange 365, but for our servers.