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Email for students

Email is one of the basic central services of the Computer Centre.
Upon enrolment, every student automatically receives an electronic mailbox in the FHE's email system. You are no longer entitled to a mailbox after you have terminated enrolment.

In order to use your electronic mailbox, you have a unique email address and university account.  FHE email addresses follow the pattern firstname.lastname@fh-erfurt.de. In the event of duplicate names, numbers will be added to the end of the address.

Please note:
You can only use your email after activating your university account on the FHE user portal.

  • You can access your mailbox either through
    - your browser or
    - an email program.

  • You can also access your mailbox with an IMAP-enabled mail program or app.

    IMAP - You can access your mailbox in real time via IMAP using the program of your choice. All actions (deleting or moving emails, etc.) will be carried out directly on the mail server. The IMAP protocol enables synchronised status everywhere when accessed by multiple clients (e.g. notebook and mobile phone).

    Incoming mail server (IMAP)
    - webmail.fh-erfurt.de, 
    - port: 993, 
    - connection security: SSL

    Outgoing mail server (SMTP)
    - webmail.fh-erfurt.de
    - port: 587
    - connection security: STARTTLS (bei iOS und OSX SSL)

    - university account ("Hochschul-Account") or
    - firstname.lastname

    Please note:
    Before sending a mail from a client, it is necessary to log on to the outgoing mail server (SMTP).

  • Your mailbox has a capacity of 3GB.

    The maximum attachment size you can send is limited to ~ 12...14 MB. However, the actual size depends on the file content and the program used and may vary enormously.

    There is no restriction on incoming attachments.

  • You can only change your password on the FHE user portal or, if you have forgotten your password in person at the University Computer Centre. 

  • After your enrolment has been terminated, you are no longer entitled to use central FHE services with restricted access.Your university email address and the corresponding mailbox will be automatically deactivated 90 days after completion of your studies.

Email access via browser