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Printing for students

Students and guests can use the printers in the university library.

Printing for staff

Since 01.12.2017, FH Erfurt has had a central printing service which all members of staff are entitled to use.

  • You can log in to all systems throughout campus using either:

    • your thoska card or
    • your university account (Hochschulaccount).
  • The system operates with a central print server. You can only print your document after logging in to the specific printer.

    There are several ways to send your printing job.

    • printing via an installed printer driver,
    • printing via email attachment,
    • printing via web upload.
  • Two printers have to be installed by your departmental administrator:


    When choosing a printer, you only decide whether your print job is to be a b/w printout (SW) or a colour printout (Farbe), which will be invoiced to FHE at different costs.

    This is the only way to print from any application.

    Direct printing to specific individual printers is not possible due to security guidelines and the VG Wort licence.

  • You can send an email to

    • print-fhe@fh-erfurt.de

    The print server only reads the attachment of the mail and stores it as a print job for your account. The email will then be deleted immediately.

    Please note the following:

    • maximum size of attachment (approx. 12 MB)
    • it will be stored as a one-sided colour printout ( you can change this on the printer before you print it out!)
    • only these file types possible
      • PDF
      • DOCX, XLSX 
      • JPG, PNG
      • TXT
  • You log in to the print server with your university account

    and upload the document you wish to print. You can still specify basic settings for the task, such as:

    • colour or b/w
    • simplex or duplex.

    Please note the following:

    • this is only possible from within the FH Erfurt network (including WiFi)
    • only these file types are possible
      • PDF
      • DOCX, XLSX 
      • JPG, PNG
      • TXT
  • We have two types of printer on campus:

    • A4 desktop b/w
    • A3 large colour printer (some with stapling and hole-punching functions)

    A list of locations will follow here at a later date.

    In principle, you can print your job at any printer.

    The document is printed with the settings that are supported by the printer you have selected.
    For example, you can print a job that was originally intended as a colour printout on a black-and-white device - but in black-and-white. In this case, you will be charged for one b/w page.

  • The following drawer requirements apply campus-wide:

    If you would like to print your document on the FHE letterhead, select the relevant drawer from the list in the printer settings.

    For all other cases, please only select the paper type (transparency, cardboard, etc.) in the print settings. The printer will prompt you to load the paper type in the multi purpose tray.

    • A4 printer
      • drawer 1 - A4 plain paper
      • drawer 2 - A4 letterhead (FHE)
    • A3 printer
      • drawer 1 - A4 plain paper
      • drawer 2 - A4 plain paper
      • drawer 3 - A3 plain paper
      • drawer 4 - A4 letterhead (FHE)
  • The printers order toner on their own. To change the empty toner, please notify the Service Desk (-333).

    Staples can also be requested from the Service Desk (-333).

    Paper has to be ordered by the individual departments themselves.

  • We distinguish between two types of errors

    • errors that can be rectified by the user themselves (paper jam) and
    • faults that require the assistance of a technician.

    In the first case, the display will give you instructions on how to fix the problem.

    If the second occurs, please notify the Service Desk (-333).


Service Desk