At the University of Applied Sciences Erfurt, have a campus licence for "Citavi - literature management and knowledge organization".
The contract runs until 31.05.2022. We are already working on an extension.

  • Note: Citavi is also free of charge for up to 99 sources.

With Citavi you can quickly and effortlessly collect, edit and save literature references, create bibliographies and insert citations into your own documents. Our OPAC and subject databases can also be browsed using Citavi.

With immediate effect, students, full-time lecturers and staff at our university can use this efficient program for their studies, teaching and research, both at work and on their private computers, free of charge under the terms of the licence.

On the website, you create your Citavi account, which Citavi uses to obtain the licence information.
Important: Your FH Erfurt email address serves as authentification.
It is not possible to use a freemail address (, etc.) for the purpose of this licence.

Install the free version "Citavi Free". On this Citavi download page you will also find a short introduction, the manual and other information material.

Start Citavi and enter your Citavi account access data in the login form. The Citavi Free version will be converted to a Citavi Team version for the duration of the campus contract.

Note on Citavi 6:
After installation, the following steps are necessary in order to activate your licence!

  • 1. Log in to your Citavi account. If you don't have one, create a Citavi account.
  • 2. Go to the "Licence" ("Lizenz") page. (on the left in the menu)
  • 3. Follow the instructions in the right-hand column to retrieve the licence data. (usually send confirmation mail)
  • 4. Your licence data will be generated. Restart Citavi 6 on your computer in order for the new licence to be imported.

With the help of the settings file, settings specific to FH Erfurt will be taken on automatically.

  • download and unzip file
  • start Citavi
  • select the menu item "Extras"
  • in "Import/Export settings..." select settings file

The university library offers training courses for using Citavi.

More useful information:
Frequently asked questions and answers:
Images demonstrating program functions:
Discussion forum:

As part of the campus licence, Citavi Team can also be installed on all public workstations.

If you have any further questions, please contact your departmental administrator.

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