B.Eng. Railway Engineering

Are you interested in everything to do with railways? Are you enthusiastic about trains and signalling systems? Have you always wondered how to design the perfect train timetable?

The Bachelor's degree in Railway Engineering will provide you with comprehensive knowledge and practical skills in the fields of technology, operational planning and control of the various subsystems involved in railway operations and infrastructure and how they interact.

The aim is to develop the flexibility required to actively keep pace with the rapidly advancing developments in the rail industry at all times.

Currently, three different versions of this degree program are on offer:
- cooperative degree with an integrated apprenticeship,
- cooperative degree with integrated placements,
- standard undergraduate degree.

Program Director

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Raimo Michaelsen

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Dipl.-Wirt. Ing. (FH) Michael Herfert

Lehrkraft für besondere Aufgaben: Materialflussanalyse und -simulation

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Students learn to identify the essential relationships between business, technology and planning for various professional fields in the rail sector. For this purpose, they acquire extensive understanding of the economic, technical and political context of European transport and learn to develop, evaluate and manage competitive and quality-oriented transport services for railway infrastructure. In addition, students are taught how to recognize the effects of technology on the environment and prevent negative consequences.

After successfully completing the program, graduates are awarded a degree in Railway Engineering (Bachelor of Engineering).

  • This degree program focuses on fundamental knowledge relating to technology, rail operations, competition law and transport policy in the planning, use and marketing of rail infrastructure and rail transport companies.
    The degree program is very practical from the first semester onwards. The basic operations are taught and trained hands-on at the rail operations centre at the State Technical College in Gotha. Later in the course, the focus is on the relationship between technology, business and planning, which students can then put into practice during their semester on work placement.

  • This degree course, which combines business and engineering, can also be studied as one of  two cooperative degree programs. Students who prefer this to a regular undergraduate degree program can choose between the work-based option with integrated placements and a program which includes an apprenticeship. In a cooperative degree program, students have periods of on-campus instruction (sometimes in blocks) at FHE but also days at vocational school and time on the job with the partner company.

  • Graduates can be employed by rail companies and all businesses, organizations and associations working in the rail sector.

    • assessment of rail infrastructure
    • construction, coordination and distribution of train paths
    • management of rail operations
    • planning, scheduling and monitoring of rail operations
    • clerical/administrative work
    • sales and marketing
  • Together with FH St. Pölten and ZHAW Winterthur, FH Erfurt runs the trinational Master’s degree in “European Railway Systems” (continuing academic education program). Upon passing the final examination, students graduate with a Master of Science (M.Sc.) degree.

    Building on the groundwork provided by the preceding Bachelor's degree, the consecutive Master’s program "Traffic and Transportation" at FH Erfurt provides students with specialist knowledge in the fields of traffic engineering, transport economics and transport planning. This degree course also contains interesting additional content for Bachelor's students on the Railway Engineering program regarding topics such as sustainable rail systems, processes and procedures in rail freight transport, intermodal technologies in rail-based transport, local public transport and regional rail transport. Upon passing the final examination, students graduate with a Master of Science (M.Sc.) degree.

  • Title Bachelor Railway Engineering
  • Qualification/degree Bachelor (Bachelor of Engineering)
  • Duration 6 semesters
  • Mode of study full-time
  • Flexibility Open for occasional students
    Part-time studies possible
    Open to affiliate students
  • Beginning Winter semester
  • Costs -
  • Admission Restricted admissions (NC)
  • Period for application 15.05. - 15.07.
  • General Requirements Yes Show
  • Special Requirements No