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Master’s in Traffic and Transportation (M.Sc.)

Today, all areas of modern society are affected by how efficient transport systems are - both in everyday life and in the face of ever-increasing economic interdependence. New propulsion technologies, the ongoing networking of all modes of transport, their infrastructure and vehicles or of vehicles with each other, and the range of innovative forms of organization and mobility services will all play a key role in the years to come.
The aim of the Master's program is to train industrial engineers specializing in transport who are able to influence the at times rapid developments in the field and keep pace by applying the methodologies they have studied.

The course is designed for graduates from the department of Traffic and Transport Engineering and comparable degree programs in engineering or spatial sciences. Drawing on the knowledge gained in the Bachelor's degree program, students learn the skills required for academic work, for implementing their findings and transferring this knowledge into practice, and for generating business ideas.

Program Director

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Carsten Kühnel


Combining research and practice, this degree program focuses on the analysis and modelling of mobility and transport services with the aim of designing sustainable, intelligent and financially viable solutions to the challenges facing the transport sector. It is also an advantage that the Department of Business Administration is part of our joint faculty.

Quality over quantity, state-of-the-art, interdisciplinary

In addition to the subjects covered, another special feature of the program is the manageable size of the seminar and study groups, in which the theoretical knowledge acquired is put into practice. 
The wide range of options in the fields of economics/management/law, transport technology and transport planning tools, some of which are taught in English, address current topics and developments.
The degree program also aims to enable students to develop an understanding of related areas such as information technologies and environmental protection, along with communication and organizational skills.


Independent project work and field trips (also abroad) combine to deliver a practical and modern education. 
In technical subjects, but also with regard to business issues, modelling and simulation are central to understanding causal relationships. 
Students are taught how to use various techniques and software (VISUM, VISSIM, GIS, CAD, various traffic control software) and to apply these are tested in increasingly demanding case studies, for which the Department of Traffic and Transport Engineering maintains several  specialist laboratories.

  • Title Master Traffic and Transportation
  • Qualification/degree Master (Master of Science)
  • Duration 4 semesters
  • Mode of study full-time
  • Flexibility Open for occasional students
    Part-time studies possible
    Open to affiliate students
  • Beginning Winter semester
  • Costs -
  • Period for enrolment 15.05. - 15.09.
  • General Requirements Yes Show
  • Special Requirements No