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    International, English-taught MA course

    The conservation / restoration department was founded in 1994 as an independent diploma course. The main areas of study offered since then have been: “Archaeological cultural assets and handicraft objects”, “Stained Glass and Objects made of Glass”, “Mosaic”, “Stone Scultpures and Architecture”, “Technical Cultural Assets” and “Wall Painting and Architectural Polychromy”. Our renowned scientific laboratory is known far beyond the borders of Thuringia and Germany.

    Since its inception, the Conservation and Restoration program had successfully trained qualified restorers for over thirteen years. As part of the Bologna process, the range of courses was restructured, leading to the subject offering a consecutive Bachelor's and Master's Degree from 2007.

    After 25 years of successful training of restorers on a national level, the department had planned to move on to the international stage. That is why, on behalf of the university management, the department began to design the concept of an international Master course in 2017, which represented a consistent further development of what had been successfully built up over the past few years. For this purpose, it was also possible to fall back on our good experience with international students.

    After detailed discussion of various models, taking into account the given potential as well as the situation on the education and labour market in Germany and in an international context, the Conservation and Restoration department had a concept for an international English-taught Master of Arts in Preservation and Heritage Management (MA PHM) presented with the focus on restoration in the preservation of historical monuments.

    The concept was unanimously approved by the academic committee for the subject on April 28, 2021, but rejected by the Faculty Council of the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Conservation / Restoration on June 21, 2021 for capacity reasons. The concept could therefore not be discussed in the Senate of the University of Applied Sciences.

    Concept for the international, English-taught Master of Arts in Preservation and Heritage Management (MA PHM) in the field of conservation and restoration at the University of Applied Sciences Erfurt, as presented to the committees of the University of Applied Sciences Erfurt:

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