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Bachelor’s in Urban and Spatial Planning_Foundations

The six-semester interdisciplinary Bachelor's program in Urban and Spatial Planning teaches students to approach planning projects analytically and develop and visualize their proposed solutions using planning instruments and methods alongside computer-assisted applications. This involves learning about the technical, economic, design, architectural, socio-political, social, legal and ecological aspects of Urban and Spatial Planning.

In this project-oriented degree program, students are closely supervised as they prepare for the high level of knowledge-related and interpersonal skills required when working in the field of Urban and Spatial Planning.

Urban and Spatial Planning

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Following a sound academic and practice-oriented education covering six semesters, the Bachelor's degree in Urban and Spatial Planning provides students with a professional qualification.

Project work
Every semester, students carry out study projects on current planning issues. These are central to the Bachelor's degree program and become steadily more important as the students progress through their studies. The first study project focuses on an urban neighbourhood, the second semester on an entire urban area, and in the following semester on an urban planning or open space planning concept. In the fifth semester, students are given a choice of different project topics. The study projects are carried out in groups so that students learn how to work in teams and communicate with each other towards a common goal. When combined with concurrent knowledge transfer through lectures and seminars, the study projects create an interface to professional practice.

Field trips
Besides the study projects, field trips to current urban and spatial planning projects in Germany and abroad constitute another link to professional practice, while also boosting intercultural and foreign language skills.

Work placement
In the fourth semester of their Bachelor's program, students are required to do a work placement of at least twelve weeks' duration either in Germany or abroad. This work placement gives students insights into areas of work in the field of urban and spatial planning, e.g. public administration, planning offices, private-sector companies or non-governmental organizations. Moreover, it gives them the opportunity to make their first professional contacts.

There is close cooperation between the Department of Urban and Spatial Planning and the ISP - Institute for Urban Research, Planning and Communication at FH Erfurt.

  • Title Bachelor Urban and Spatial Planning_Foundations
  • Qualification/degree Bachelor (Bachelor of Science)
  • Duration 6 semesters
  • Mode of study full-time
  • Flexibility Open for occasional students
    Part-time studies possible
    Open to affiliate students
  • Beginning Winter semester
  • Costs -
  • Admission Restricted admissions (NC)
  • Period for application 15.05. - 15.07.
  • General Requirements Yes Show
  • Special Requirements No
Academic Advisor

Studienfachberatung Stadt- und Raumplanung

Prof.in Dr.-Ing. Doris Gstach sr-studienberatung@fh-erfurt.de Schlüterstraße 1 | Raum 401

Prof.in Dr.-Ing. Doris Gstach

+49 361 6700-4445doris.gstach@fh-erfurt.de Schlüterstraße 1 | Raum 402